2015 Chubu Walkathon

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Year: 24th Walkathon
Date: May 17, 2015
Venue: Moricoro Park, Nagakute
Attendance: 2,000 people
Raised: ¥8,000,000
Volunteers wearing 2015 Chubu Walkathon T-shirts

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2015Chubu Walkathon Report


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Organizations Receiving 2015 Funding

Through the ACCJ/NIS Walkathon, we are able to support various charitable organizations in the region that, in turn, provide support for children in local orphanages, the homeless and others in need throughout the Chubu region. Below is a list of organizations that received support in 2015. 
Data on funds distributed from the 2016 Walkathon will be announced in September, 2016.

Support groups for challenged people

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