Frequently Asked Questions

What is its purpose?

The main purpose is for the international community to join with Japanese friends and companies in raising money for local orphanages and charities. The Walkathon also promotes fitness through walking and is an all-day party to which all are invited.

Who organizes the Walkathon?

This annual event in Nagoya is organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and Nagoya International School (NIS).
ACCJ and NIS logos

How does the Walkathon raise money?

Historically there have been two ways.
  1. Corporate sponsorship
  2. Individuals buying tickets
(All tickets include a raffle and a T-shirt)

How much do you raise?

Last year, in 2014, the Walkathon Committee was able to distribute7 million yento orphanages and local charities in the Chubu area.

How often does the Walkathon take place?

Annually on a Sunday in May.

How many people attend?

Last year we had over 3000 people attend the event.

How do I buy tickets, become a sponsor and/or volunteer?

Tickets can be purchased from the ACCJ Chubu Office by calling 052-229-1525 or contacting the Walkathon Committee HERE.
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