OS☆U Girls to Get Genki at Chubu Walkathon

  • By Walkie Walrus
  • 10 May, 2017

Nagoya's favorite idol group to take Nagoya's favorite charity event

Nagoya's very own OS☆U Girls are excited to announce that not only will they deliver a super special performance at the Chubu Walkathon, but they are now official PR ambassadors for the event. So get hyped to see a lot more of them!

Want to know more about this group of girls?
OSU Idol Group
Idol group OS☆U was launched August 2010 in the Osu shopping district, said to be the biggest center of otaku culture in Japan's central Tokai
region. As of 2017, members range from the first generation through the seventh, and they currently operate as three teams. Auditions are now
under way for new eighth-generation members.

OS☆U ("oh ess you") got its start in Osu, and that's the locale that gave the group its name. OS☆U equals Osu and also "osu," a Japanese word
for "support and encourage." Whether for people, businesses, or endeavors, the concept driving OS☆U is to give support to people and things in a way that brings vitality to Osu.
The group begins live performances with a melody entitled Sending Ultra-hyper Genki Energy☆Osu! Osu! OS☆U!!! -– the OS☆U concept theme song.

Eight streets make up the Osu shopping district, and with the Osu Merchants Association's approval, OS☆U has assigned PR ambassadors known as the "Osu Osu Tai" to each street to serve as walking billboards. Along with taking part in a series of promo videos for the Akamon-dori
street ( https://goo.gl/la89Hq ), the group enthusiastically rolls out activities rooted in the local community -– walk anywhere in the Osu
shopping arcade, and you'll immediately find posters and other signs of OS☆U's presence.
The group is also involved in numerous tie-ups with municipalities, companies, and organizations, including Aichi Prefecture, the city of
Nagoya, and the Japanese Red Cross Aichi Blood Center. In 2013, when the impact of NHK's Amachan TV novel asadora (morning drama) series put the idea of local idols in the spotlight, OS☆U won the top spot in the "NHK On Demand Local Idol Ranking Battle," a competition carried out throughout Japan, becoming the official image character for NHK On Demand in 2014.
Be sure to check out OS☆U at the 2017 Chubu Walkathon.

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By Walkie Walrus 09 Nov, 2017
Based on the success of the 2017 Chubu Walkathon, and in keeping with this year's theme, " Supporting the People in our Community ", we will be distributing 6.75 million yen to charities in the Chubu region and 1.5 million yen to the Chubu Children's Fund .
By Walkie Walrus 22 May, 2017
The 2017 Chubu Walkathon was a successful event and we are extremely grateful to all who helped on Sunday, May 22.

Special thanks to all of our corporate sponsors, prize donors, volunteers, food vendors, band performers, OSU Girls, visiting guests, charities, students, parents, Morikoro Park, and of course, to all who purchased tickets!

We couldn't have done it without ALL of you!
By Walkie Walrus 18 May, 2017
We have the most rockin' concerts , the tastiest food, and the coolest prizes , but we also have the best activities for your children to participate in! This year we have everything you can think of from outdoor bouncy castles and giant hamster balls to indoor carnival games and arts and crafts .
By Walkie Walrus 17 May, 2017
The 2017 Walkathon Committee is excited to announce some of the confirmed prizes for the 26th Annual Chubu Walkathon.
By Walkie Walrus 12 May, 2017
The Chubu Walkathon is hosting a special competition this year.
Children will have 30 seconds to score as many baskets as they can for just 1000 yen per ticket!
By Walkie Walrus 11 May, 2017
We are excited to announce that we have arranged the best of Aichi to come and perform for you at the Chubu Walkathon!
We have quite an exciting line-up prepared for May 21st, and the bands can't wait to give you the show of a year!

HOSPYs, StarKat, OS☆U Girls , Tomo Shaga Band, Game Over Humans, and the Jerks are looking forward to bringing music to your ears.
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