Vendor Application Procedures

Participating as a Vendor

Food Vendors are required to have a valid food license (Eigyo Kyokasho - Roten or Jidosha) issued by a Hokenjo (health department) before you apply. 

Sales Channel Options

Your business has 2 options for participation as a vendor: "tent vendor (roten)" or "truck vendor (Jidosha)". The following participation plans are tailored for food vendors. If you are not selling food please contact the Walkathon organizers directly to learn about options for your specific circumstances. In addition to participation fees, 20% of all vendor sales will be donated to the Walkathon Charity Fund. Food vendors must read and follow the "Health and Safety Information for Vendors," detailed in the application download package
Selling Baked Goods at the Chubu Walkathon

Tent Vendor Fees (Roten)

Approved tent vendors will be granted the ability to sell goods, services, or food and drinks as listed on the vendor's approved application form between 10:00-15:30 in the vendor's designated space at the site. 

Tent Vendors participation fees for 2015 :
NIS or ACCJ member fee: JPY 25,000 
Non-member fee: JPY 30,000

Tent Vendors selling food will be provided with the following health and sanitation items at each booth as a part of their participation fee.
  • Water tank and a bucket
  • Tent (L3.6m x W2.7m x H2m)
  • 2 tables (180cm x 90cm) and 2 chairs
  • Power supply with 2 outlets (max. 1,500w). Additional outlets 10,000yen each, must order in advance (15,000 Yen if ordered on the day)

Truck Vendor Fees (Jidosha)

Truck Vendors or "idouhanbai" will be supplied with a space within the food vendor area of the Walkathon to park their trucks. Please note that truck vendors selling food are required to have an area in their truck for cleaning and hand washing. 

Truck Vendors participation fees for 2015 :
NIS or ACCJ member fee: JPY 10,000 
Non-member fee: JPY 15,000

How to Apply

Please see the downloadable Food Vendor Application package for important rules and guidelines. 
By April 21st, 2017
  1. Fill out and return application form 
  2. Submit your "Food License" (hard copy or digital) and menu.
    *Applications received without a Food License will not be accepted.
  3. Pay vendor participation fees
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