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  • By Walkie Walrus
  • 21 Apr, 2017

A community collaboration that suits us "to a T"

Every year we pays our money and gets our Walkathon shirts.
Some are worn only that one time and then tossed away, never to be thought of again. However, many are kept. Very likely, more are kept than you think. In fact, one dedicated volunteer has so many that he made a tablecloth out of his Walkathon T-Shirts .
Walkathon attendees wearing t-shirts
The famous, "Walkathon T-shirt" tradition began in 1995 - the fourth year of the Walkathon. It is always an original design, created by students of Nagoya International School and submitted for consideration at the ACCJ’s annual Walkathon Kick-off Party, where the designs are displayed and voted on by attendees from NIS, the ACCJ, charity representatives, and guests.

The winners receive a prize and the honor of having their design used on a t-shirt worn by thousands of people. Over time, through the normal churn of our community, its likely these shirts have found their way to all four corners of the globe, and that is pretty cool.

What's with the colors??

Chubu Walkathon volunteers sporting colorful T-shirts
Typically, the T-shirts are white. However, you may have noticed some people wearing brightly-colored T-shirts sporting the same official logo design. Key volunteers are given these brightly-colored versions in order to easily be identified.

So, if you have any questions, try asking someone with a colored shirt!
Go on....we don't bite!

Walkathon T-shirt designs from past to present

Chubu Walkathon T-Shirt Logos 2008 - 2017
Chubu Walkathon T-Shirt Logos 1993 - 2007
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Article List

By Walkie Walrus 09 Nov, 2017
Based on the success of the 2017 Chubu Walkathon, and in keeping with this year's theme, " Supporting the People in our Community ", we will be distributing 6.75 million yen to charities in the Chubu region and 1.5 million yen to the Chubu Children's Fund .
By Walkie Walrus 22 May, 2017
The 2017 Chubu Walkathon was a successful event and we are extremely grateful to all who helped on Sunday, May 22.

Special thanks to all of our corporate sponsors, prize donors, volunteers, food vendors, band performers, OSU Girls, visiting guests, charities, students, parents, Morikoro Park, and of course, to all who purchased tickets!

We couldn't have done it without ALL of you!
By Walkie Walrus 18 May, 2017
We have the most rockin' concerts , the tastiest food, and the coolest prizes , but we also have the best activities for your children to participate in! This year we have everything you can think of from outdoor bouncy castles and giant hamster balls to indoor carnival games and arts and crafts .
By Walkie Walrus 17 May, 2017
The 2017 Walkathon Committee is excited to announce some of the confirmed prizes for the 26th Annual Chubu Walkathon.
By Walkie Walrus 12 May, 2017
The Chubu Walkathon is hosting a special competition this year.
Children will have 30 seconds to score as many baskets as they can for just 1000 yen per ticket!
By Walkie Walrus 11 May, 2017
We are excited to announce that we have arranged the best of Aichi to come and perform for you at the Chubu Walkathon!
We have quite an exciting line-up prepared for May 21st, and the bands can't wait to give you the show of a year!

HOSPYs, StarKat, OS☆U Girls , Tomo Shaga Band, Game Over Humans, and the Jerks are looking forward to bringing music to your ears.
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